About My Work

I paint out of my own personal struggles, prayers, triumphs, and inspiration, believing that I was created to create, to encourage others, bring hope, beauty, and comfort through my art.

The beauty of desert light inspires me. The contrast of cactus needles with blooming flowers reminds us that life comes with difficulties, pains, and sorrows – but amidst the struggles comes beauty and fullness of life. Even in a storm, we are able to flourish, shine, and sing with faith if we are open to it.

Pamela Pachmayr

Pamela Pachmayr, artist, at Pachmayr Studios, with her painting "Soul On Fire" in the background

Pamela Pachmayr knows she was created to create - she was created by the Creator to be an artist, to co-create with the Spirit’s inspiration. Living within her purpose and passion brings immense joy and fulfillment to her life.

With a professional career as a graphic designer, photographer, photo retoucher, and teacher, Pamela has returned to her love of painting, with a renewed sense of purpose and greater joy. Pamela’s paintings have been selected for shows in Italy, and throughout the US including California, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Texas, and currently in Arizona where she now resides and is a member of the Arizona Artists Guild.

Pamela started oil painting at age eleven – art was always her niche and happy place. In college, Pamela received her BFA degree in painting, with a minor in Art History. She received an Art Scholarship, studied abroad for a semester at Studio Arts Center International in Florence, Italy, traveled throughout Europe going from museum to museum, then returned to the US and graduated, culminating with a one-woman show of her artwork.

Pamela has learned transformation and healing can even come from a desert place. One of her consistent themes is blooming where you’re planted. She loves seeing the beautiful buds that bloom in contrast to the sharp cactus needles. Pamela’s faith inspires her, and she sees it all around her in the beauty of nature, reminding her of God’s love and presence. Pamela is inspired by truth, beauty, light, and hope.


“My themes are all based on my relationship with my Creator, my own personal struggles, and inspiration from the Spirit.”

Pamela’s sense of color and light is exquisite, and the textures and layers she creates add to the beauty and uniqueness of her art.

She enjoys connecting with artists around the world as well as locally to build relationships and encourage other artists in their creative endeavors.